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Thermal Management Solutions from Aavid Thermacore: Technological Distinction

For custom thermal management solution design, development and manufacturing, a diverse group of global manufacturers turns to the thermal solution leader: Aavid Thermacore.

Manufacturing AccredidationsOur wide-ranging experience, from concept generation to optimized manufacturing approaches, helps maximize the performance of electronic components while improving quality and reliability, and saving energy and costs. In areas from computers and data centers to rugged military applications, Aavid Thermacore has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Aavid Thermacore is the industry leader for several important reasons.

Commitment to Innovation

Custom thermal solutions of superior quality and reliability — tailored to your application — are only possible in an environment committed to innovation. Aavid Thermacore provides that environment through an R&D focus that includes a specialized advanced technology center that has led to important advances in thermal solutions: two-phase systems, advanced solid conduction (k-Core® APG), advanced materials and more.

Our engineering services and manufacturing capabilities continue to expand the boundaries of thermal technology capabilities.

Complete Thermal Solutions Focus

Our complete thermal solutions focus includes:

  • Concept creation
  • Custom design and development
  • Manufacturing of component-, subsystem- and system-level solutions

Using a variety of heat transfer technologies, including advanced solid conduction (k-Core® APG), passive two-phase devices (heat pipes, loop heat pipes, vapor chambers and more) and single phase devices (liquid cold plates and pumped liquid systems), we apply these technologies to thermal solutions in dozens of industries and horizontal markets. Aavid Thermacore’s innovative solutions are at work in military aircraft, energy exploration, space satellites, computers, communications towers and many other applications for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) around the globe.

Our core competencies ensure that our customers can count on highly engineered solutions that refine the capabilities of both passive (advanced solid conduction, heat pipe/two-phase heat transfer) and active cooling technologies.

Aavid Thermacore’s thermal technology focus is reflected in:

  • Thermal solutions extending over a temperature range from -250°C to >2000°C
  • Solutions that enable higher performance and new generations of products (e.g., in computers, avionics, power electronics, etc.)
  • Reliable performance that helps our customers to differentiate themselves and their products
  • Global presence with facilities in the United States and United Kingdom
  • Unsurpassed reputation for excellence and dependability — no field failures for thermal performance since start of business in 1970 — over 40 years
  • More than 100 U.S. patents

Superior Quality

With more reliability testing than any other thermal technology provider, including tests for product life and thermal efficiency, Aavid Thermacore ensures performance. We perform a complete spectrum of performance analyses under shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and other environmental challenges. Aavid Thermacore products are backed by decades of heat pipe life test and field application data.

Quallity assurance

Recognized Excellence

Aavid Thermacore is AS9100, ISO9001, and AWS D17.1 Certified, ITAR registered and a member of RoHS Compliant Solutions. For more information on ISO quality certifications, please visit the International Standards Organization.


Thermal management challenge? Take the first step towards the solution for you. Please contact an Aavid Thermacore technical representative or e-mail for more information on our thermal solution technologies.

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