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Thermal Management: Heat Spreading

Heat spreaders offer cost-effective, reliable high thermal conductivity and efficacy with almost no moving parts.

Therma-Base Heat SpreaderA heat spreader is an effective solution for dealing with heat sources that have a high heat-flux density (high heat flow per unit area) and where the secondary heat exchanger in itself is not an effective method of dispersing heat (due to space limitations, energy use, cost, etc.). Heat spreaders can allow designers to use an air-cooled, rather than liquid-cooled, secondary heat exchanger.

Most heat spreaders are copper plates that function as heat exchangers. Heat spreaders transfer heat between its source and (generally) a secondary heat exchanger. The heat "spreads” from the heat source through the heat spreader, thus moving from a smaller to a larger cross sectional area (the secondary heat exchanger). While the heat flow is the same in the heat spreader as in the secondary heat exchanger, the heat flux density is reduced, making it easier to dissipate the heat via air cooling. The lower heat flux density also allows the secondary heat exchanger to be made of less expensive materials.

Aavid Thermacore offers a variety of heat spreading technologies that provide significant improvement in solution effective thermal conductivities. These heat spreading technologies include:

Thermal Analysis comparison

All Copper Base Heat Sink = 0.423° C/Watt vs. Therma-Base Heat Sink = 0.307° C/Watt

Heat spreaders are often used in computers, power electronics, medical and test equipment, and solar/photovoltaic applications. Other cost-effective, reliable thermal management approaches available from Aavid Thermacore include technologies for moving heat and for dispersing heat.


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