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Thermal Straps: Efficient Cooling without Structural Loading

When designers need to cool sensitive spacecraft components by dissipating high heat loads without any maintenance, they turn to lightweight k-Core® flexible straps.

flexible thermal strapsThese thermal straps provide a natural conduction path for cooling without adding structural loads to spacecraft components. And they’re lighter in weight, smaller in size and offer better conduction than traditional thermal solutions. k-Core thermal straps perform effectively with aluminum encapsulant thicknesses of as little as .002 inches.

  Traditional Aluminum k-Core®
Foils 137, each .004” thick 10, each .014” thick
Strap Thickness .55″ .14″
Conductance .65 W/K .82 W/K
Weight .85 lbs .17 lbs

k-Core thermal straps also show increased conductivity at cryogenic temperatures, and they’ve been proven effective in dissipating heat from high-powered electronic components.

Learn more about why k-Core products are so effective.


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