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Metal Processing Capabilities for the Toughest Challenges

Create rugged, versatile and innovative products for high-heat, high-stress applications by calling on the proven metal processing and joining capabilities of Aavid Thermacore’s materials processing and services division, Materials Technology Division (MTD).

Aluminum Vacuum Brazing Capabilities These capabilities include process development and qualification to help meet the most challenging metal processing needs, including the development and manufacturing of thermal management solutions for demanding military and aerospace applications. We give you the performance and thermal capabilities you need through our expertise and experience. And our programmable metals joining systems and technologies allow precise control of process variables including atmosphere, pressure, temperature and force. We also offer the joining technology that’s right for each application:


  • 3-1/2' diameter x 4' long Stainless Steel (SS) GTAW chamber suitable for refractory and reactive metal welding -- with 1-1/2' diameter x 6' extension, ultra-pure inert atmosphere; oxygen monitoring, Merrick Engineering 300A power supply and Amptrack microprocessor controller
  • Automatic or semi-automatic GTAW with Cyclomatic AVC custom setups
  • Access to certified AWS Aerospace qualified welders
  • Access to AWS Radiographic Interpreters

Brazing and Soldering

  • Programmable 1650°C (3000°F) hydrogen furnace with horizontal ceramic muffle, 4" x 4" x 48" hot zone
  • 34" diameter x 48" long Stainless Steel chamber for vacuum or inert atmosphere soldering using a 24" x 24" quartz lamp radiant heater array for preplaced filler alloy melting with programmable heating cycle control
  • 24" x 24" quartz lamp radiant heater array for preplaced filler alloy melting with programmable heating cycle control
  • 1900°C (3450°F) programmable cold wall vacuum brazing furnace, tantalum heaters, 4" diameter x 7" vertical hot zone
  • 1450°C (2640°F) programmable cold wall vacuum brazing furnace and graphite heaters, 12" x 14" x 12" hot zone
  • Programmable 1100°C (2010°F) infrared brazing system with quartz retort to 10-5 Torr
  • 650°C  (1200°F) programmable PV/T Vacuum Aluminum Brazing Furnace, Stainless Steel Chamber, 10-5 Torr, 150 Kw, 7 trim zones, ±2.8°C (±5°F) temperature uniformity, 24" x 36" x 48" Work Zone
  • 650°C (1200° F) programmable ABAR Vacuum Aluminum Brazing Furnace, Stainless Steel Chamber, 10-5 Torr, 0.9MW, 20 trimm zones,  ±2.8°C (±5°F) temperature uniformity, 37" x 65" x 144" Work Zone

Diffusion Bonding
We perform diffusion bonding using a variety of techniques (primarily through Hetherington furnace and hot press approaches), closely managing key process variables such as temperature, force, and atmosphere.

Heat Treating
Our capabilities include heat treating at a wide range of temperatures (up to 2000°C / 3600°F) and atmospheres (air, inert gas, hydrogen), as well as high and ultra-high vacuums (10-11 Torr). MTD has several Hydrogen furnaces, one of which can reach 2000°C / 3600°F, two graphite tube furnaces that can reach as high as 2500°C / 4530°F in an inert atmosphere, metallic internals furnaces that can reach 2500°C / 4530°F, and air furnaces that reach as high as 1370°C / 2500°F. Except for the air furnaces, most furnaces have a small dimensional capacity.

Materials Processing
MTD has a unique set of capabilities that solve problems in materials processing. For customers, MTD does powder metallurgy and sintering at high temperature, button melting to experiment with different alloy constituents, melting of alloys in a Vacuum Arc Remelter with refractory and reactive alloys up to 150 pounds, high strain rate forging and extruding, rolling, swaging, and heat treaing - all at high temperature. MTD has experience with alloy development, and the division has a unique library of technical reports dating back 50 years.

A partial summary of MTD equipment used for material processing is given below:

  • Vacuum Arc Melting
    • Consumable electrode: ingots to 5" diameter - MTD's use of AC in the VAR permits the melting of alloys unable to be melted with DC and promotes alloy homogeneity. MTD is working toward making a 6" diameter mold capability operational.
    • Nonconsumable electrode: button and trough melting.
  • Primary and Secondary Metalworking
    • High energy rate extrusion and forging to 2200° C - The DYNAPAK system is an essential tool in refractory alloy development and manufacture as well as consolidation of cryo milled alloy systems. 
    • Swaging to 1600° C; 1" diameter limit
    • Cold and hot rolling to 1600° C; 7" width limit
    • Metal foil rolling with 7" width limit
  • Powder Metallurgy
    • Cold pressing
    • Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP)
    • Sintering
    • Vacuum hot pressing
    • Hot energy rate consolidation
  • MMC/IMC Fabrication
    • Vacuum hot pressing
    • CIP
    • Particulate, and short fiber reinforcement


Materials management challenge? Take the first step towards the solution for you. Contact a Materials Technology Division technical representative.

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