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A Unique Collection of Materials Technology Capabilities

What Materials Technology Services Can Do

Create rugged, reliable material solutions for the most demanding applications with the unique development, processing and testing expertise offered by Aavid Thermacore's Materials Technology Division (MTD), Aavid Thermacore’s materials development, processing and services division.

Working with a range of materials from Al (aluminum) to W (tungsten), we’ve applied our proven expertise and advanced technology to unique high-temperature, high strength, high reliability challenges for critical commercial, military and aerospace customers. For more than four decades, we’ve led the way in metals fabrication, joining, testing characterization and other services needed for comprehensive materials and thermal management, high strength, and materials solutions. Our unique, comprehensive facilities offer specialized capabilities in: 

  • Vacuum brazing of aluminum (Al) and copper (Cu) cold plates, heat exchangers, and assemblies/structures 
  • Heat treating at very high temperature and in a variety of atmospheres including ultra-high vacuums
  • Development, melting, processing, and joining of advanced high strength, high temperature materials, based on refractory and reactive metal alloy systems as well as aluminum and magnesium alloys
  • Development of specific alloys to meet customer requirements, past examples are: Oxide-Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) molybdenum, advanced refractory metal alloys (based on niobium, tantalum, hafnium, tungsten, molybdenum, rhenium, etc.)
  • Cryo-milled powders for higher strength alloys made from a variety of materials and metal alloys
  • High-and ultra-high vacuum technology (10-11 Torr) for creep and thermal aging testing
  • Metallurgical services including mechanical testing (tensile, fracture toughness, bend compression, impact) to temperatures as high as 2500°C, metallography, light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive x-ray microanalysis
  • Design and fabrication of high thermal efficiency vacuum foil insulation systems
  • Manufacturing support: dimensional and visual inspection, liquid penetrant, helium leak testing, bubble pressure testing, and ultrasonic non-destructive examination
  • Corrosion, wear, life, and qualification testing of components and systems, including
    • prototype testing
    • failure analysis
    • tooling design
    • demonstration
    • qualification testing (a unique testing capability -- we qualify O-ring materials used in commercial nuclear power plants)

Through MTD's materials processing and services, Aavid Thermacore builds upon our existing leadership position in advanced thermal and materials technologies for the world’s most difficult and critical challenges. Today, MTD's solutions are at work in:

  • Electronics Thermal Management
  • Aerospace / Aircraft Propulsion
  • Space Power
  • Military Aircraft and Naval Vessels
  • Energy Production
  • Medical Stents
  • Semi-conductor Manufacturing
  • Nuclear Power Generation Facilities
  • High Temperature Furnaces

Aluminum Vacuum Brazing Capabilities

Aluminum Vacuum Brazing
Specialized aluminum vacuum brazing, along with development, assembly and testing of cold plates, heat exchangers and chassis's are available from Aavid Thermacore’s materials processing and services division, MTD. MTD offers technical expertise and sophisticated aluminum brazing technology and experience while working with a wide variety of alloys and structural concepts. Our brazing, welding and other joining capabilities are well suited to all applications involving temperatures up to 1900°C (3300°F). We also specialize in post-braze heat treatment and aging.


Materials management challenge? Take the first step towards the solution for you. Contact a Materials Technology Division technical representative.

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