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Heat Pipe Solutions: Copper-Water

For superior power density capacity (50 W/cm2) regardless of gravity or orientation, both commercial and military thermal designers turn to Aavid Thermacore's high-performance copper-water heat pipes.

copper-water heat pipeAavid Thermacore’s copper-water, sintered powder wick heat pipe technology development set the world’s standard for commercial application of this passive, highly conductive two-phase heat transfer device. Aavid Thermacore copper-water heat pipes are specifically designed for applications in which high heat loads or gravity present thermal challenges and where reliability and long life are critical. The Aavid Thermacore copper-water heat pipe has a sintered copper powder wick structure that operates flawlessly even against gravity, and it's rugged enough to withstand numerous freeze-thaw cycles and temperatures ranging from -55° to 180°C.

Using water as the working fluid, the Aavid Thermacore copper-water heat pipe smoothly moves heat from the heat source to where the heat can be managed more effectively through dissipation to air, liquid or radiated to space. Typically, the copper-water heat pipe is incorporated into a custom thermal solution that is designed by our experienced engineering team. The copper-water heat pipes are integrated into a customized metallic heat sink or cold plate to improve the effective conductivity and efficiency, allowing the thermal designer to improve overall system performance. Aavid Thermacore’s copper-water heat pipes can be integrated into heat sinks, cold plates, extended surfaces through epoxy, solder or mechanical interference.

Life and Reliability

Aavid Thermacore has been designing, developing and manufacturing sintered copper, powder wick copper-water heat pipes longer than any other company in the world. Thanks to tightly controlled manufacturing processes backed by product field experience, and more than 40 years of continuous life and reliability testing, Aavid Thermacore can guarantee that a copper-water heat pipe or customized thermal solution with our copper-water heat pipes will last well over 20 years. Today, Aavid Thermacore has what is probably the world’s largest collection of heat pipes on life test. With more than 200 heat pipes using various material systems and working fluids on continuous life and reliability testing, Aavid Thermacore has gathered more than 40 years of life test data (>350,000 hours).

Calculate the right copper-water heat pipe solution for you. Or find out more about thermal basics and heat pipe technology.


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