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Unique Aluminum Vacuum Brazing Capabilities

Obtain strong, reliable, leak free joints for your aluminum brazed products (cold plates, heat exchangers, chassis's for cooling sensitive electronic systems ) -- including development, assembly, brazing, and testing - from a single source: Aavid Thermacore. Aavid Thermacore's Materials Technology Division (MTD), does the assembly and brazing.

Aluminum Vacuum Brazing CapabilitiesAavid Thermacore's integrated specialized thermal management expertise and aluminum brazing technology allows for a wider range of thermal solutions leading to stronger, more rugged and higher thermal capacity solutions. MTD capabilities meet industry standards (AWS 3.3, AWS, 3.7, AMS 2770, etc.) used in Aerospace/Defense, Medical, Semiconductor, and Commercial markets. The integrated capabilities include: 

  • Precision aluminum vacuum brazing up to 650°C (1200°F), a low 10-5 Torr vacuum for braze joints free of brazing salts and fluxes with minimum voids.
  • Pre- and Post brazement precision machining
  • Surface preparation and cleaning
  • Complex joint design and assembly, featuring techniques that apply pressure evenly for a superior joint and enhanced mechanical and thermal characteristics
  • Heat treating, quenching and straightening of brazed assemblies
  • Acceptance testing, including 30-100 psi pressurized inert gas bubble testing, pressure decay leak testing,  and helium leak testing (pressurized sniffing or vacuum sniffing)
  • Inspection includes CMM and Optical Comparator measurement

MTD's aluminum vacuum brazing services are offered as a Job Shop or Toll service. For aluminum vacuum brazed cold plate and heat exchanger design, development and manufacturing, MTD's corporate parent, Aavid Thermacore, offers turn-key engineered solutions in coordination with the MTD aluminum vacuum brazing services.
Our aluminum brazing process is thorough, demonstrates superb attention to detail, and yet is also rapid and flexible enough to meet any need.

Qualified to Industry Standards

Qualified by customer in the Military/Aerospace industry, MTD understands to important of process control and verification. MTD's aluminum vacuum brazing services are conducted to meet the following industry standards:

  • AWS C3.3 Recommended Practices for the Design, Manufacturer, and Examination of Critical Brazed Components
  • AWS C3.7:2005 Specification for Aluminum Brazing
  • AWS B2.2:2010 Specification for Procedure and Performance Qualification
  • AMS 2678:2006 Furnace Brazing of Part in a Vacuum Atmosphere
  • AMS 2750D:2005 Pyrometry
  • AMS 2770H:2006 Heat Treatment of Wrought Aluminum Parts
  • MIL-H-6088G, Notice 1:1997 Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys
  • MIL-B-7883C, Notice 1:1996 Brazing of Steels, Copper, Copper Alloys, Nickel Alloys. Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum Vacuum Brazing Services and Capabilities

We offer precisely controlled high-temperature production brazing through our PV/T and ABAR aluminum vacuum brazing furnaces, featuring furnace wall pre-heating and sophisticated computer control of the braze cycle. Our 150kW PVT VAB furnace is capable of a 10-6 Torr vacuum, with a hot zone 24" wide by 36" high by 48" deep. The PVT programmable control system uses 7 trim zones to evenly deliver temperatures up to 650°C (1200°F). Our 900kW ABAR vacuum furnace is capable of a 10-5 Torr vacuum, and includes a very large hot zone of 37" wide x 65" high x 144" (12 feet!) deep. The ABAR programmable control system uses 20 programmable zones to evenly deliver temperatures up to 650°C (1200°F)  ± 2.8°C (± 5°F) temperature uniformity. Both furnaces are ideal for precision brazing.

Our complete range of brazing services and capabilities includes:


  • Toll Brazing - bring MTD a machined braze blank and we will assemble, fixuture. and vacuum braze to AWS C3.7 standards, and heat treat (T-4 heat treat & T-6) on an á la carte basis with reasonable turnaround times (less than 10 working days). MTD schedules on a first come, first serve basis and do so as well as complete Aavid Thermacore brazing because of the funace capacity avaialble.
  • Aavid Thermacore offers Aluminum Vacuum Brazement Engineering Design including Concept Creation, Design and Analysis, Development, Qualification, and Volume Manufacturing. Aavid Thermacore has been a recognized leader in thermal management technology and engineering design since 1970. Our engineers have the experience (>1000 man-hours) to offer the best combination of thermal performance, cost, and quality.

Process and Capabilities

  • Raw Material Certification
    • As required, we provide raw material certifications; traceability for specific lots
  • Pre-Braze Machining
    • Through Aavid Thermacore, or a local supplier-partner, we offer our customers pre-braze component and post Brazement machining on 3, 4, and 5 axis precision machining centers
  • Cleaning
    • Surface cleaning and preparation, to ensure a clean, residue-free brazing surface. MTD employs a 6 step cleaning process that includes an vapor degreasing after machining (for Toll Brazing, customer to conduct this step), mild acid rinse, surface scrubbing to remove oxides, water rinse, methanol rinse, and drying.
  • Vacuum Brazing
    • MTD offers precise temperature and vacuum control during the aluminum brazing process to ensure braze joint integrity that meet AWS C3.7 or MIL-B-7883. MTD maintains vacuum levels as low as 10-6 Torr for an environment free of any oxides or impurities, and electronically monitors and records temperatures and pressures throughout the brazing cycle to provide the necessary process control  
    • Brazing furnaces include:
      • (1) PV/T with a 24" wide by 36" high by 48" deep hot zone / work zone
      • (1) ABAR aluminum vacuum brazing furnace with a very large 37" wide x 65" high x 144" (12 feet!) deep hot zone / work zone
  • Heat Treating
    • Solution heat treating using the uniform delivery of temperatures up to 540°C (1000+°F)  is conducted an 6 foot (72") w x 6 foot (72") h x 6 foot (72") d Blue M , allow volume heat treating in support of our brazing operation. Solution heat treat quenching is done in both tanks and fan drive sprays. Aging is done in a Greunberg oven capable of 230°C (450°F) These are ovens are calibrated monthly and surveyed quarterly to comply with the requirements of AMS 2770 and MIL H 6088.
  • Aging
    • Aging is done in a Greunberg oven capable of 230°C (450°F) These are ovens are calibrated monthly and surveyed quarterly to comply with the requirements of AMS 2770 and MIL H 6088.
  • Post-Braze Machining
    • Through Aavid Thermacore, or local supplier-partner, we offer our customers post brazement assembly machining on 3, 4, and 5 axis precision machining centers.
  • Outside Processing for Surface Finishing
    • MTD and Aavid Thermacore are experienced with Chromating, Anodizing, precious metal plating (nickel, tin, gold, etc.), and painting. We have strong supplier-partnerships with NADCAP approved sources for these surface finish application requirements.
  • Mechanical Assembly
    • MTD and Aavid Thermacore offer mechanical assembly including installation of helicoils, inserts, pins, thermal interface materials, and other mechanical components.
    • Assembly of vacuum brazed products from braze blanks, using proprietary fixtures and tooling to create superior joints and excellent heating characteristics
  • Acceptance Testing and Thermal Validation Testing Inspection
    • Acceptance Testing options include visual, bubble leak testing (using pressurized Dry N2 or other inert gas typically to 30-100 psi), and helium leak testing (vacuum or pressurized sniffing) to ensure braze joint integrity and quality. If ultrasonic testing is a requirement or desired, MTD utilizes a local supplier-partner for inspection.
    • Thermal validation testing under simulated applications conditions.
  • Inspection
    • Mechanical Inspection is conducted using Mitutoyo CMMs calibrated to 100 millionths of an inch precision and S-T Industries Optical comparators
      Skilled Technicians with expertise in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
    • Access to certified AWS Radiographic Interpreters.
    • Support of Customer and Government Source Inspections
  • Final Inspection and Test Data Reporting
    • MTD and Aavid Thermacore routinely provide final inspection reports and final assembly validation test reporting to our customers.
    • Certificates of Conformance
  • Packaging and Shipment
    • MTD and Aavid Thermacore will package and bar-code label our products as specified to ensure delivery is made without damage and ease of receipt at its final destination.


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