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Take the first step in achieving the ideal high-performance, low-maintenance and cost-effective solution for your design challenge with Thermacore’s interactive Design Center. You can create the design solution you need, choosing from our vast range of technologies and concepts – and use an array of calculator tools to predict how your solution will perform. Register now and put a world of thermal solutions at your fingertips!

Thermal Solutions Calculator Tools Accurately project how any thermal solution will perform – and find out the best way to meet any target temperatures – with our predictive calculator tools. There’s a specialized calculator for nearly every commonly used heat transfer method.

k-Core® APG Heat Spreading Calculator

k-Core APG heat spreading calculator

Input your project parameters and your heat transfer target -- and discover how our advanced k-Core® encapsulated Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite (APG) can outperform standard materials in achieving efficient heat spreading in the most demanding environments. You can compare the conductivity of various encapsulants (e.g, copper, aluminum) and receive reliable estimates of room-temperature conductivity (W/mK). Register Now

Heat Pipe Design Calculator

two-phase heat pipe calculator

Quickly and easily determine the right dimensions, cooling fluid type and orientation with our heat pipe design calculator. Find out how to get optimum performance from passive heat pipes, in any application. You can also find heat transfer coefficients and pressure drop. Or, use the heat pipe design calculator to determine the size of heat pipe you need to attain target thermal spreading and conductivity in W/mK. Register Now

Vapor Chamber Design Calculator

vapor chamber calculator

Want better, more rapid heat spreading and more isothermal performance? Use the Thermacore vapor chamber design his calculator to determine exactly how you can attain your design objectives, and compare vapor chamber thermal spreading with other methods. And dDetermine the size of vapor chamber you need to attain thermal efficiency. Register Now

Heat Exchanger Calculator

heat exchanger design calculatorr

Determine the best way to meet target cabinet temperatures for any size or shape of cabinet, with this reliable heat exchanger calculator. Compare thermal performance by choosing various fluid flow rates, inlet pressures, inlet temperatures and more. Register Now

Technical Papers and Datasheets Learn how thermal engineers have used advanced Thermacore technologies to meet the most exacting challenges, through our extensive library of more than X00 technical papers, white papers, brochures and datasheets. This technical information is readily available to help you create the design you need – and may even provide the solution you’re looking for. Nearly all Thermacore technologies are represented, including heat pipes, heat sinks, heat exchangers, vapor chambers, APG heat spreading and more.

These documents can be downloaded or you can request they be sent in overnight mail. Register Now


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