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Materials Technology Division (MTD) Contacts

Key Contacts for Thermacore materials processing and services division, Materials Technology (MTD) is given below:

General Manager and Vice President, Business Development
  • Nicholas J. Gianaris
    • Telephone: 724-379-1490
    • Email:
    • Nick has spent over 30 years in the energy, defense, aerospace, automotive, and applied research and development sectors with increasing responsibilities of technology development and management in advanced materials and nondestructive evaluation organizations. Nick has several recognitions and patents, serves on technical review panels, and has served as a director and officer of various community non-profit boards. Nick is presently the Executive Vice President of SAMPE-North America.

Aluminum Vacuum Brazing and Cryomilling

  • Tim Delahanty
    • Telephone: 724-379-1490
    • Email:
    • Tim has 13 years experience as an engineer and has a BS from the University of Pittsburgh.  He directs the vacuum brazing product line and has done the development of cryomilling at MTD. 

Materials Testing and Special Applications

  • Bob Ritter
    • Telephone: 724-379-1490
    • Email:
    • Bob has 35 years of Engineering experience specializing design and manufacturing.  At MTD he is responsible for all mechanical, qualification and corrosion testing.

Research and Development

  • Dr. James Marder
    • Telephone: 724-379-1490
    • Email:
    • Dr. Marder's industrial experience as a professional in metallurgy and materials science spans 42 years. Jim's current focus is developing water compatible magnesium alloys, improving chemical vapor deposition processes for growth of pyrolytic graphite, and working on processes to develop high strength beryllium-copper pyrolytic graphite components.


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