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Satellite Thermal Control:
Unique Products for Unique Challenges

Dissipating heat reliably and quickly, for satellite thermal control, is a challenge that grows tougher all the time. But Aavid Thermacore has the tools to manage the challenge.

satellite electronics thermal managementSpace electronics are steadily becoming more miniaturized, more complex and more powerful. Increased packaging densities are also limiting the volume available for thermal management systems. The end result: the performance, flexibility and versatility of thermal management systems must improve to meet the growing challenge. Plus, “low-maintenance” systems aren’t good enough — in space, thermal control must be “no-maintenance.”

But proven heat pipe technology developed by Aavid Thermacore can meet all these challenges. With a wide range of advanced solid conduction, heat pipe and loop heat pipe technologies available to meet the need for high performance, system efficiency and low mass. Aavid Thermacore has a solution to these requirements. And with no moving parts to fail, Aavid Thermacore's advanced solid conduction solutions, heat pipes and loop heat pipes are maintenance-free, making them ideal for satellite, military and aerospace applications.

loop heat pipe, axially grooved heat pipeloop heat pipe, axially grooved heat pipeloop heat pipe, axially grooved heat pipeloop heat pipe, axially grooved heat pipe


Versatile Satellite Solutions
Aavid Thermacore's advanced solid conduction k-Core® products can form the backbone of a thermal bus (doubler) or radiator solution. In both applications, heat pipes can be integrated for enhanced performance. Additionally, our satellite heat pipes can be embedded in a structural honeycomb panel. We can also deliver custom thermal solutions, to meet the most challenging and stringent system requirements, applying the latest advanced thermal technology.

Satellite thermal control choices include:


Thermal management challenge? Take the first step towards the solution for you. Please contact an Aavid Thermacore technical representative or e-mail for more information on our thermal solution technologies.

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