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Innovative Thermal Solutions for Changing Electronics Cooling Needs

Efficient, reliable cooling of today’s semiconductors, with their steadily increasing heat loads and heat fluxes, requires innovative and compact thermal solutions that go beyond traditional electronic heat sinks and enable your products to perform at higher levels.

embedded heat pipe bottomAavid Thermacore has applied passive and active cooling technologies to develop custom thermal solutions that provide best-in-the-industry performance. You can take advantage of the performance gain by increasing the cooling capabilitiy in the same amount of volume or use a performance edge to reduce the size and/or weight of a comparable cooling solution. Our solutions and thermal technologies help electronic component and system designers throughout the world to create the highest-performing next generation of electronic products.

Aavid Thermacore electronics cooling solutions focus on lightweight, compact size, design flexibility and simple, reliable operation.

Thermal Technology for Solving the Toughest High-Power Electronics Cooling Challenges

k-core-thermal spreader

Advanced Solid Conduction — k-Core® encapsulated APG (Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite) gives you up to five times the thermal conductivity of aluminum or copper, plus low mass, in an easily-installed, drop-in replacement for other solid conductors like aluminum and copper.


therma-sink-moving heatHeat Pipes/Vapor Chambers/Loop Heat Pipes — As passive thermal technologies, these two-phase heat transfer devices offer the benefits of no moving parts, reliable operation, low mass and weight, shock and vibration resistance and low mechanical loading. They operate by spreading heat out or moving it to a remote location, for optimum thermal management.

liquid cooling cold plate system

Liquid Cooling Components and Systems — With high thermal performance, no maintenance and lower airflow requirements, these technologies provide multi-component cooling. This reduces system noise and energy consumption levels by allowing the use of smaller fans or air movers.


Thermal management challenge? Take the first step towards the solution for you. Please contact an Aavid Thermacore technical representative or e-mail for more information on our thermal solution technologies.

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